2017 INSPIRE Workshop

August 1-3, Boulder, Colorado 

Building upon almost seventy years of space mission excellence, the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) at the University of Colorado Boulder proposes a bold new venture: an international University alliance in spacecraft design, scientific exploration, and student education. Centered on campuses around the globe and powered by distance collaboration and education, the International Satellite Program in Research and Education (INSPIRE) joins students, instructors, universities, industry and space agencies across the globe in an ambitious endeavor to educate new engineers and scientists, build and launch new space missions, and drive leading-edge scientific discovery and technology.

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INSPIRE aims to provide a University constellation of Earth & space weather observing satellites. INSPIRE offers participating Universities and industry partners opportunities for cutting edge research in science and engineering. Each INSPIRESat aims to go from concept to flight in three years providing opportunity for under-graduate and graduate student involvement in small-satellite design, building, testing and operation.

INSPIRE is an inter-disciplinary program as it brings together science, engineering and management. INSPIRE offers a pathway to produce a constant stream of PhDs in engineering and sciences through its multi-year space missions.

INSPIRE Partner Universities


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Annual INSPIRE Workshops

INSPIRE workshops have the following objectives

1) Discuss current and future projects under INSPIRE
2) Bring together students from different universities working on INSPIRE projects.
3) To discuss curriculum development and challenges in teaching spacecraft design
4) To act as a focal point for space faring universities and industry in
the country in which it is held.

2016 INSPIRE Workshop July 20-22, Taiwan

The first INSPIRE workshop was held at the National Central University of Taiwan. The workshop was supported by funding from the Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Space Organization (NSPO) of Taiwan, the National Central University Institute of Space Sciences and Odysseus Space.

INSPIRE Workshop 2017