The first INSPIRE mission is a 3U cubesat carrying the Compact Ionosphere Probe (CIP) developed by the National Central University (NCU) and The National Space Organization (NSPO) of Taiwan.

The Compact Ionosphere Probe consists of:

  • Planar Langmuir Probe (PLP)
  • Retarding Potential Analyzer (RPA)
  • Ion Trap (IT)
  • Ion Drift Meter (IDM)

CIP is a miniaturized version of the Advanced Ionosphere Probe, an ionospheric payload on FORMOSAT-5. CIP is expected to provide concurrent measurement with AIP, which will advance our understanding of ionosphere dynamics and plasma transport in the ionosphere.


LASP, IIST, and NCU are co-developing the 3U spacecraft. The science team is comprised primarily of scientists from CU, NCU, and the Space Physics Lab of ISRO.

INSPIRE Workshop 2017